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5000 watchers!!! I'm really happy, ladies and gentlemen!
Thank you very much for subscribing to my photographs!
I appreciate your interest very much. Hope not to disappoint you in the future.
Stay with me.
Just realized that today in my 5th anniversary at DA :)

Happy new year to all my dear watchers!

May 2017 be better for you. Thank you very much for your interest, your faves and kind comments! I really need your feedback. Hope not to disappoint you next year :)

My dear friends, now you can follow me at instagram:…
I just realized that I have no more time to thank my every new watcher individually. The more that DA considers my thanks as spam if I sent too many :D
So I want to let everyone know that I really appreciate every new watcher. Thank you very much for your attention and your feedback! 
Best wishes :)
I will be inactive till at least 21st of August.
Best wishes :)

Core membership

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 16, 2016, 9:16 AM
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I received an email saying "Someone has given you a Core Membership!
Congratulations, smoke-dymok! You have become a Core Member for 1 Month through the generosity of an anonymous deviant."

I want to thank very much this generous and anonymous deviant!
If you read this, please keep in mind that I was really pleased with this gift!

Best regards,
smoke-dymok :)

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HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dear friends!!! :)

Dear friends!

The number of my watchers continue to increase. I thank everyone who follows me. Special thanks for your kind comments.

At the same time I have much less sales of my “digital content” (high-resolution versions of the photographs) lately then I had before. Maybe the reason is the prices of my new photographs: I set them from 300 to 500 points comparing to 100 – 250 before. Maybe something else?

So I decided to ask you: is there anybody who is interested in purchasing high-resolution versions of my pictures? What price would sound reasonable for you?

Also I wanted to mention that I can sell complete sets. Please do not hesitate to contact me, since I badly need money currently…

Best wishes,


Help me to find new models: like and share my facebook page:… :)
I have some serious problems with my internet connection from home. They say it would take several days to fix. No new photos can be published until then. Don't miss me :)
You can really support me by purchasing high-resolution versions of my photographs (just click Purchase button on the right of a photo) :)

Otherwise, you can help me by putting a like on my photo page at facebook:… and by sharing this link :)

Always yours,
I want to wish a very happy new year to all my watchers! :)

Have some serious problems with my PC, probably will be inactive for a few days...

I will be inactive for some 5-6 days. Don't miss me :)
I will be inactive for some 5-6 days. Don't miss me :)
My dear watchers, please do not forget that you can buy a high-resolution copy virtually of my any photo – use the “Purchase” button on the right of any picture.

Also the original unedited/unpublished photos and complete sets available for purchase. Please contact me for the details.

Best regards,
Just want to remind my watchers that you can purchase full-resolution versions of the most of my photographs.
Starting from last year I do not resize the original images, only crop them if needed. 
Just click the Purchase button on the right of the photo to buy a picture up to 18MP for personal use.
This could help me a lot with improving my set of equipment and consequently the quality of my future photos.
Stay with me, I have LOTs more picture to publish :)
Best wishes,
Dear friends,

I'm leaving for 2 weeks, will be back on 20th of August 2014. I hope to continue publishing photographs when I'm back :)
Until then I'm not sure...

All the best,